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Hourigan & Co. is a creative agency of editors, professional writers, and publishers. We perfect print and digital content for individuals, business, government, and academia.

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Professional, accredited editing

Have your work polished by an accredited editor with over ten years’ experience working for leading organizations including The Economist Group, Sensis, and Australian Unity.

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Realize your vision and boost your profile with a range of assisted self-publishing and electronic publishing solutions. We can take you all the way from first draft to publication and sales success.
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We build beautiful, easy-to-manage websites for small businesses and individual authors. Based on the WordPress platform, our websites are standards compliant and avoid vendor lock-in, and are supported by our expertise in editing and writing.

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Have your organization’s sales, marketing, and long-form copy written with high literary values by an Australian novelist who is also the editor of numerous novels, instructional books, research papers, and reports.

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Have a professional, accredited editor ready your documents for publication. We’ve edited reports and whitepapers for government and big business, academic theses and papers, websites, books, and more for over ten years.


Achieve your vision and build your profile by becoming a published author. Our assisted self-publishing service can help you become a self-sufficient independent author and recognized as an accomplished artist or an expert in your field.


Build your web presence or e-commerce business with a cost-effective site built on the world’s leading content management system. Get help with copywriting and editing along the way, and advice on SEO and marketing.


Have a published novelist and the editor of numerous books, reports, and websites create unique content and persuasive marketing collateral for your organization, executed according to high literary values.

About us

Digital media has transformed writing, publishing, and marketing.

Hourigan & Co. is an agency of editors, writers, and publishers that understand the new media landscape.

Our editorial director, Ben Hourigan, has been involved in editing, writing, and digital publishing for commercial, academic, and literary purposes since 2004. Before devoting himself full-time to his own business, he served as manager of digital media operations at Architecture Media.

We are dedicated to creating and editing content of commercially publishable quality for business, government, and individuals. Our editorial director’s business activities are paired with a creative practice as a novelist that informs our dedication to literary and intellectual values and high technical standards in writing.

Our experience

We have worked with major Australian and international businesses, government institutions, and publishers, including Sensis, Australian Unity, the Centre for Independent Studies, Vital Biotech, Architecture Media, Brimbank City Council, and The Economist Group.

Our editorial director and associates have specific expertise in:

  • editing
  • ebook creation and publishing
  • website design and production
  • copywriting
  • web project management
  • IT administration
  • digital magazines

Bring your reports, books, papers, theses, magazine, and website projects to us, and we can take your work from good to great, or lead you from concept to publication.

We’ve helped hundreds of people. Here’s what a few had to say.

Please accept these words: you are awesome. I love it beyond words. It is perfect in every which way. I do not know how to say thank you. I bloody love what you have done with all of the information I have given you. I would hug you right now, but lets not go that far, lol. :) Thank you so much, Ben. I could not have done a better job even If I tried. This is by far the best way anyone could have explained this. Like I said, I am so very glad you are my editor. Thank you so much.

Michael Johnson

I thank you very much for your professionalism and timeliness during this project. It’s been great working with you. Please email me through an invoice for the hours that you have worked in preparation of the copy—it was invaluable.

K., major insurance firm, Melbourne

Really impressive work here, well done. The level of professionalism you work towards … I can only say I am glad I found you.

G., novelist, Melbourne

Looks like the thesis format held together in its journey to the UK. I am so grateful for your help. I will be passing on your details to my colleagues and friends. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional. I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it was to find you so responsive and helpful. Regards and THANKS.

T., physiotherapy PhD candidate, Melbourne

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