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Mark Reister first became interested in real estate when he sold his second home in Perth, Western Australia. After returning home to Victoria, he pursued a career as an estate agent and in 1993 began work with Woodards Real Estate.

He met his wife Trudie while holidaying overseas, and the two now live with their son and daughter in Shepparton, a small regional city two hours’ drive north of Melbourne.

After the move to country Victoria, a brief break from selling real estate saw Mark deepen his interest in property investment. Inspired by the people who would come back to him year after year to buy property after property, he strove to understand how it was possible to buy –unlimited– investment properties. In his first book, How to Buy Unlimited Investment Properties (2013), he shared the story of how he eventually built his own investment portfolio, along with the knowledge you can use to do the same.

Mark is now the part owner of a real estate office. He remains devoted to real estate and to helping others learn how to reach their property investment goals. His second book, Buy Unlimited Properties and Retire in 10 Years (2015) focuses on how you can build and generate income from your property portfolio to achieve financial independence and a secure retirement.

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Buy Unlimited Properties and Retire in 10 Years

This is the essential book for anyone who owns investment properties or is thinking about investing in real estate. Here, property investor and real-estate agent Mark Reister explains how you can make money from your investment properties and retire in 10 years.

The steps involved are easy to follow: anyone can do it.

If you’ve already bought an investment property, well done! You’ve taken the first step. But what comes next? The 73% of property investors who stop at only one property never find out how they could use that investment to secure a prosperous (and possibly early) retirement.

The secrets are all here. If you’re just starting, you will learn what to look for in your first property and how you can reach your investment goals. From there, you will find out how to maximise your property’s value and use it to create wealth. You’ll also improve your financial literacy, learn how to recognise the best time to sell, understand how to weigh rental return against capital growth, and increase your awareness of many other important issues affecting professional property investors.

All it takes is Mark Reister’s easy-to-follow plan and you could retire in 10 years. Dive in and find out how it’s done.

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How to buy Unlimited Investment Properties

Emulate those people who are where you want to be.

Before embarking on his property investment journey, real-estate agent Mark Reister attended numerous investment seminars, sitting with everyone from battlers to academics in search of the path that lets some people afford whatever they want.

In the end, Mark decided to forge his own path, developing a strategy that enabled him to secure thirteen investment properties in his first twelve months of concerted effort.

How to Buy Unlimited Investment Properties is a step-by-step account of exactly how Mark Reister built his multi-million-dollar property portfolio—and how you could do the same.

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