Have your work polished by an accredited editor with over ten years’ experience working for leading organizations including The Economist Group, Sensis, and Australian Unity.

If you are an author, publisher, businessperson, or academic, you may understand that you have a gift for creating content and ideas, and need a skilled hand to provide the final polish.

Ben Hourigan is a professional writer and editor with more than ten years’ industry experience. He holds the Accredited Editor designation certified by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd). He also supervises a small network of talented associates who provide extra capacity during busy periods.

We have experience working on the following kinds of documents:

  • books (fiction and non-fiction)
  • annual reports
  • websites
  • advertising copy
  • brochures
  • public policy and economics research papers
  • internal training documents

We are proficient in the use of Word, InDesign and the Adobe Creative Suite, and a variety of digital publishing standards including HTML, CSS, LaTeX, Markdown and ePub.

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What is editing?

Editing is one of the final steps that any document should go through before publication—whether it’s in print, on the web, or as an e-book or PDF.

At Hourigan & Co., our editors will work with you to determine the appropriate standards for your project, be it commercial, creative, or academic. Among other things, we can:

  • rewrite parts of your document for clarity, style, and audience appropriateness
  • reorganize it to create structure and aid reading flow and comprehension
  • format it according to the conventions of good typography
  • make it conform with global standards or organisational guidelines
  • check for and correct errors in spelling, grammar, and factual accuracy
  • ready it for publication in print or electronic formats
  • provide general or specific advice on content, technical, legal, and marketing issues

Editing is essential for any commercial, creative, or academic publication. It saves time and money in smoothing workflow and eliminating errors, and adds real, bankable value to documents provided or sold to clients and readers.

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Hourigan & Co.’s lead editor, Ben Hourigan, AE, is accredited by the Institute of Professional Editors, Australia’s national body for editor training and certification, and the advancement of the editing profession.

Editing or project management by an accredited editor can give you confidence that your documents are being worked on by trained and experienced professionals, to the highest standards and in accordance with accepted principles and guidelines.


We have rates in a range of major currencies and for a variety of project types and levels of service. We can offer fixed prices for jobs with a defined scope, and hourly rates for more open-ended engagements.

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