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Services tailored to the needs of government clients. Accredited, standards-compliant editors.

Government departments and agencies, and the external organizations that work with them, typically have high and specific requirements for the presentation of documents meant for internal consumption and for publication and wider distribution.

Hourigan & Co. understands the needs of government clients for conformity with particular stylistic rules, sensitivity to the sensibilities of culturally and linguistically diverse communities, the use of inclusive language, and above all—for clear communication.

We are experienced in editing large government reports and strategic plans, taking them through from manuscript form to a fully proofread, designed document ready for publication. We also have extensive experience in editing policy and economic research documents for a major Australian think tank.

We are familiar with the Style manual: for authors, editors and printers used in Australia, and with a range of globally recognized styles including Chicago and APA.

What is editing?

Editing in this context means a thorough review and correction of your document. Your thesis will be formatted in accordance with typographic principles, and any of your institution or discipline’s guidelines that you can supply us with. Heading styles will be applied to create structure and consistency. Grammatical and spelling errors will be corrected, and sentences may be reorganized and rewritten for clarity and style.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading in this context is a check for errors only. At this level, no formatting will be done or corrections made for reasons of style or clarity. Proofreading is a cost-effective way to make sure the thesis you submit is clean and free of mistakes, but for an optimal result we always recommend a full edit and format.

Accredited and qualified

Hourigan & Co.’s lead editor, Ben Hourigan, MBA, AE, is accredited by the Institute of Professional Editors, Australia’s national body for editor training and certification, and for the advancement of the editing profession. Ben also holds an MBA from the University of New England.

Editing or project management by an accredited editor can give you confidence that your documents are being worked on by trained and experienced professionals, to the highest standards and in accordance with accepted principles and guidelines including the Australian standards for editing practice.


We have rates in a range of major currencies and for a variety of project types and levels of service. We can offer fixed prices for jobs with a defined scope, and hourly rates for more open-ended engagements.

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Here’s some case studies of government documents we’ve worked on.

Handover report

At the end of their three-year tenure, administrators appointed by the state government were required to report on progress before handing control of their local government area back to elected councilors. They sought a professional edit of the document to achieve the consistency, accuracy, and clarity required of a report of such gravity. Hourigan & Co. edited the 60,000-word, 228-page report from beginning to end, correcting spelling and grammatical errors, rewriting for clarity, highlighting areas for further scrutiny, and applying principles of good typography. Cost: $3,465

Local government community plan

L. is a high-level administrator in Victorian local government. Having spent months on revisions to a 20-year community plan for her local government area, L. sought a professional edit of the document to achieve the consistency, accuracy, and clarity required for professional publication and broad dissemination. Hourigan & Co. edited the manuscript before delivery to a graphic designer, then proofread and annotated the designed 72-page plan before printing as a glossy, image-heavy booklet. Cost: $960.

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