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Having your research thesis or dissertation professionally edited can be an essential step in securing your higher degree. As a native English speaker whose expertise is in a particular technical field, relying on an editor to provide the final polish allows you to focus on perfecting your research output. For non-native English speakers, having your thesis or dissertation edited allows you to present your work with the clarity and fluency of a native speaker. Some departments may require that a thesis be edited or proofread before submission, while some examiners may require thorough corrections. Hourigan & Co. has specific expertise and experience editing theses and papers in disciplines including:

  • Architecture
  • Archaeology
  • Asian studies
  • Business administration
  • Cultural studies
  • English literature
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology

We deal with all major writing styles, and have extensive experience with the Chicago and APA style manuals in particular.

What is editing?

Editing in this context means a thorough review and correction of your document. Your thesis will be formatted in accordance with typographic principles, and any of your institution or discipline’s guidelines that you can supply us with. Heading styles will be applied to create structure and consistency. Grammatical and spelling errors will be corrected, and sentences may be reorganized and rewritten for clarity and style.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading in this context is a check for errors only. At this level, no formatting will be done or corrections made for reasons of style or clarity. Proofreading is a cost-effective way to make sure the thesis you submit is clean and free of mistakes, but for an optimal result we always recommend a full edit and format.


It’s still your work

A thesis or essay that has been edited remains your original work. We may offer some limited feedback on content if your topic relates to our expertise, but the focus is on improving your expression and conformance with your department or discipline's required style and formatting. Unlike a thesis that was written for you or copied from another source, an edited thesis is your work and safe from accusations of plagiarism.


We have rates in a range of major currencies and for a variety of project types and levels of service. We can offer fixed prices for jobs with a defined scope, and hourly rates for more open-ended engagements.

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Here are some case studies of theses we’ve worked on.

Proofreading: Architecture PhD thesis

L. is an architecture graduate from one of Melbourne’s leading universities. On completion of his 60,000-word doctoral thesis documenting the creation of a technologically innovative form of architecture, L. received a pass from his examiners, with one condition. L. was required to have his thesis professionally proofread to correct repeated grammatical errors and bring the level of readability up to the standard of a native speaker. By investing in Hourigan & Co.’s services, L. satisfied the requirements to obtain his doctorate. Cost: $1200.

Editing: Business doctorate

N. is a Persian business graduate whose research at a major Australian university focused on manufacturing in his native Iran. Prior to submission, N. wanted his DBA thesis thoroughly edited to rewriting to improve its fluency and readability, and to bring it up to a professionally publishable academic standard. Hourigan & Co. reviewed, corrected, and reorganized the entire thesis at a sentence level to perfect the thesis prior to submission and possible publication. Cost: $2500.

Formatting: Education master’s thesis

K. is an education graduate whose thesis focused on classroom interactions between young students and their teachers. Her 20,000 word thesis was inconsistently formatted and did not use heading styles, leading to difficulty in satisfying her supervisor’s demands that the thesis conform with APA style. Hourigan & Co. reformatted the thesis for full conformity with APA style, so K.’s supervisor could accept the thesis for submission. Cost: $800.

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