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Y Natural TherapyY Natural Therapy Clinic is a new kinesiology and natural health practice in the inner-eastern Sydney suburb of Rushcutters Bay. Owner Sarah Young is a kinesiologist and natural therapist with over a decade of experience in the field.

In this project, we collaborated with Sarah and her web developers, eChimp, to write and revise copy for the five-page site. Sarah is already a capable writer, so we built on her own words and the resources she supplied us, focusing on editing and restructuring the copy to increase its readability and sales orientation.

To build on the material supplied, we consulted with Sarah by Skype video conference, and took the opportunity to offer some advice on pairing the site with CPC (cost per click) advertising, offering a referral to a trusted AdWords professional that we use for our own ad campaigns.

During the process, editorial director Ben Hourigan drew on his family’s history with kinesiology and his long engagement with eastern philosophies and psychology, bringing to the project a sensitivity to the material and an understanding of the details of the therapy itself.

Project cost: $786.

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9 October 2014